About Us

A million hellos to you! Welcome to Recreation Collective. This is a lifestyle media collective that is dedicated to women and community. We love a retro aesthetic, we love words and storytelling and we love all the everyday, small stuff as much as we care about the big stuff that shapes our worldview. 

Rec.Collect is dedicated to curating story-driven products. Our collective Australian stories are woven into our merchandise through words, art and design. Australian made goods for bringing people together. We are for the anti anti social. 

Welcome to the social club.

  • Commercial Surface Designs

    Accessible and premium designs for textiles, homewares, commercial use and more.

  • Recreation Collective Surface Designs

    A selection of hand drawn and painted digitised patterns. Designs for every thing, for everyone.

  • Fine Art Surface Designs

    A premium selection of fine art surface patterns and designs. An Exclusive collection for deluxe brands.