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Recreation Collective

Family Recreation

Family Recreation

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Family Recreation


This limited edition artwork was made by Rec.Collect and fam! This family collaboration uses isolated symbols to symbolise creation, recreation and rest. These prints feature a rich, more complex approach that is drawn from years of motherly art expertise. The combination of our two styles is intentional and specific- each work is layered with stories and personality. What a unique thing to see generational harmonising through paint and ink. We have loved fitting things together that mesh weirdly like a family does.

 Recreation represents a seat we take in the family line… we are created, but as we grow in independence we recreate. Recreation is renewing and for many, family is the anchor that stops us from losing ourselves as we find ourselves in this world. Using contrast and linear ink techniques , this symbolic  landscape is abstract and yet unusually minimal and peaceful. It draws on famous past European art influences while it sits happy like a summery, Australian girl. 

Each print is printed on 300 GSM cotton archival paper 

available in A3 and A4

Limited edition and artist(s) signed 

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