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Say hello to the sunniest gal in this month's collective...

Liv Siebel is a local Gold Coast renaissance woman. Liv's writing, arty pursuits, acting and modelling culminates into one prolific storyteller of a woman. One of the things we love about Liv is her hometown girl vibe. This combined with her relentless motivation, makes her one to watch. Liv's beautiful work can be found at lighthouse letters. We know y'all probably don't want to delve into some serious feature when we have just met, so we are starting this light. Read on for some genuine words and sweet talk.


Give us the running summary of life so far?

"Born in Coffs harbour. One of 11 Siblings. Loved sport, hated showers. Moved to Gold Coast. Studied sport management, worked as outdoor recreation instructor for 5 years. Started acting and writing. Couldn't get enough of story telling. Wish I could be a rapper, no musical skills. Married my roommate, now my husband. Love Farshun' darling. Live for ocean days and any adventure that makes me feel alive!"

Why do you write?

"To understand and express myself. My thoughts, my feelings, emotions, life happenings, the world and others. If i couldn't write I would be miserable."

 Favourite word?

"Frolic- always"

Least Favourite word?

"Creased- don't ask why."  (eek we definitely want to know)

 An embarrassing moment you care to share?

"I ordered a coffee once and the lady thought I said 'leaf' instead of Liv...I felt bad when I realised, and so I just kept going and told her my dad loves trees."

 What does "recreation" mean to you?

"To me, recreation means 'play'. Any activity that allows me to switch off and enjoy myself. Bonus if it's with friends."

 A picture can tell a thousand words, but so can a girl's bag. Whats in your handbag?

"Sunnies, Swimmers (always be ready for the water), scrunchies, lip balm, pens, zinc and a whole bunch of old receipts ( don't act like you don't have them too haha)"

 What can't you live without?

"Love. And smoothies"

Favourite simple pleasure?

"Chai tea or a beach fire."

 If you were talking to your 13 year old self, what would you tell her makes all the hard days worth it?

"I'd tell her to stop worrying abut what people think of you, and do what you actually want to do! Life is too short to please everyone. I'd also tell her to stop eating dairy gurrl... you're allergic! Ha.

I'd tell her to cling to what brings her peace and joy and be DONE with the rest- the joy makes life worth the hard days."

Describe the scene: You are 80 years old, what do you want your life to look like?

 "I'm wearing a hella cool white nanna bun. Sipping on some tea and reading a good book (if they still have those) on a porch. I'm overlooking the sea at sunset. I'm probably telling my grand kids about 'back in the day' when I could surf... I hope I have no regrets and loads of cool stories to tell!

We champion great relationships at Recreation Collective. We know they are the backbone to a meaningful life. What friendship advice to you have?

Be genuine. Celebrate your friends and speak often of the things you love about them- words are powerful! Don't be a bish! I know it sounds cliche, but honestly, just keep it simple and keep showing up. Oh, and choose your friends wisely. I heard somewhere once, " you are the product of the 5 people you spend most of your time with," it couldn't be more true."









We love this clever gem!

(you can get your mitts on a print of hers at lighthouse letters)







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