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Words - How to get to the Moon

Words - How to get to the Moon

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How to get to the Moon


A little story of friendship and mates. If you are human, you need this. We all need belonging and intimacy, but we also need direction and constant cues. A little written love story, but not with the softness we often see, it’s a love story about real love.  Real love moves towards function and healing. This word is a reminder of that. Let it be a licence to grow in love as we all remind ourselves not to grow in offence- the opposite of gratitude and personal responsibility. But make it all with some dreamy, milky rainbow and put it on your bedside table. Just reading it will do you good.


Available now in limited, slow runs.

Printed on 300GSM archival cotton rag 



NEW- add framing in white or raw timber. Frame is made of pine, glass. When you buy an A5 print the frame adds to size. A5 becomes A4 area including frame and A4 becomes A3 size in area. Note: picture illustrates frame style and size.

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